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  • DEAL 1: 4x Renovate for $20
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    DEAL 1: 4x Renovate for $20

    $39.80 $20.00

    Whether it's a treat for yourself or for someone you have in mind, this is the perfect gift for the renovate and DIY obsessed.

    This deal includes Issues 28 (most recent), 21, 13 and 12.

    Available for a limited time only.

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  • DEAL 2: 4x Renovate for $20
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    DEAL 2: 4x Renovate for $20

    $39.80 $20.00

    Whether it's a treat for yourself or for someone you have in mind, this is the perfect gift for the renovate and DIY obsessed.

    This deal includes Issues 27 (Renovate Handbook), 26, 20 and 10.

    Available for a limited time only.

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  • Issue 003
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    Issue 003


    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    Cover story: Fireplaces: Adding warmth and comfort

    Stephanie Matheson learns why the warm glow of a soothing fire transforms your home into a relaxing retreat.

    Renovating 1970s home

    New living styles, new materials and new modular construction methods – houses built during the 1970s took the architectural styles of previous decades to cities and towns across the country, from Twizel and Turangi through to Cromwell and Auckland. Their solid bones make them a renovator’s dream.

    A creative connection

    With changes on a small footprint, a clever and creative renovation project connects this Auckland house with its garage – opening up the living area and converting the garage loft into an art studio.

    Opening up the view

    Windows are a fundamental and uniquely powerful design element of a home. They provide an intimate connection to the surrounding environment, allow light and warmth to stream in and control ventilation. They can also make a bold statement about your style and the way you live.

    Time to get organised

    From toys and shoes through to handbags and shirts – we accumulate many treasured items that we need to find a home for. That’s why well-designed storage spaces are a necessary feature of New Zealand bedrooms.

    Sitting pretty

    A distinctive New Zealand furniture design style is evolving – it has a natural rawness, influenced by our country and lifestyle, is uncomplicated yet at the same time stylish. We look at some of the current chair designs and the basic elements of chair construction.

    Walking on water

    Wet rooms can be deceptively simple spaces. Thought, planning and attention to detail are all key to creating a relaxing space where form marries function.

    Lighting line-up

    The soft glow of a floor lamp and the dimmed light of a wall washer can turn a home into a cosy and comfortable haven like few other features can. Make the most of the indoors this winter and light up your home.

    Case Study: Salvaged Space

    Major excavation work, combined with a clever architectural redesign, created a wide-open living area that is flooded with sunlight and provides easy access to the garden.

    A breath of fresh air

    Ventilation is key for a healthy, efficient and comfortable home – keeping moisture, dampness and mould at bay – especially now that we’ve settled into our homes to hibernate over winter.

    DIY Project: Bird Boxes

    Building and decorating a bird box for your feathery friends is made easy with our step-by-step guide – all it takes is a little bit of planning and the right tools.

    Bring the warmth and comfort in

    Whether you aim to use the comforting flames of a fireplace as a heating system or a purely decorative feature, the warm glow of a soothing fire transforms your home into a relaxing retreat.

    Outdoor heaters that beat the winter chill

    Choosing the right heat source and ambience will ensure that your deck and garden can be used year round – extending your outdoor entertaining possibilities.

    Our Favourite Cushions

    Now that the evenings are getting colder it’s a perfect time for snuggling up at home on the sofa. Our pick of this season’s most cuddly cushions will keep you company and add a splash of colour to your living room.

    Our favourite taps

    Stylish tapware instantly brings a fresh look to your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you’re completing a full-scale renovation project or simply wish to update your home by using accessories, we’ve compiled our coolest finds for you to choose from.

    Our favourite side tables

    One of these handy little side tables may just become your favourite piece of furniture this winter – keeping your steaming cup of tea, your favourite books or a delicious snack (or all three) at arm’s length. Take a pick!

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  • Issue 004
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    Issue 004


    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    It's all here in black and white

    Freshen up the heart of your home with the latest kitchen styles and the hottest accessories. A striking black and white scheme creates a fresh, modern space – ready for spring and summer entertaining.

    Bungalow Renovations

    New Zealand bungalows have a distinctive character that can easily be lost or destroyed – so it’s important to understand the home’s unique features and common problems when planning a renovation.

    Case Study

    A resourceful restoration turned an 18th century farmhouse and wine estate in Serveillac, France into a comfortable 300-square-metre home for a family of six, as well as a Bichon Frisé, a cat, horses and chickens.

    Home base

    You don’t have to sacrifice a stylish home design to create an accessible home base for all mobility levels. By integrating the basic principles of Universal Design when renovating, you can create a future-proofed home that is suitable not only for you into old age but also for your whole family as their lifestyles change.

    Doing the sums

    Whether the dream home you would like to buy – or have already bought – needs a new coat of paint, a kitchen makeover or a loft conversion, it’s important to plan your budget and get an understanding of the expected costs.*

    Bold and beautiful

    Dress up your walls this spring with bright colours and striking wallpaper.

    Bringing the indoors out

    Outdoor rooms are a wonderful way of extending your living space. Here is how – with a little bit of planning – you can turn your garden or deck into a luxurious outside lounge.

    Case Study: Lighting the way

    Lighting is an integral part of this Omanu beach house, making it a beacon of excellence in lighting design.

    Case Study: Going up

    An expansive roof area has provided one Otahuhu family with the opportunity to extend their much-loved family home.

    Hot choice

    Providing hot water accounts for around 30 per cent of the total energy costs of a typical New Zealand household – so consider how much heated water you really need and what energy sources you have available.

    DIY: Planter Boxes

    With spring around the corner many Kiwis are keen to plant herbs and flowers. Our step-by-step guide makes building and decorating a planter box for your garden easy.

    Glorious garages

    Keeping the garage clean and free of clutter can be a challenge, but with a few simple measures you can turn it into a usable, yes, even a warm, welcoming and safe space.

    Our favourite clocks

    Keeping track of time has never been more fun than with this season’s bright and beautiful clocks. We’ve compiled some of our most timely finds for you to choose from.

    Our favourite basins

    Take the plunge and freshen up your bathroom or guest toilet with a stylish basin. Whether you’re completing a full-scale renovation project or simply wish to add some sparkle – here are our coolest finds.

    Our favourite vases

    As the days are getting longer and warmer it’s time to celebrate spring with fresh flowers and colourful vases. Our pick of this season’s most striking pieces will transform your tables or shelves into works of art.

    Must have lawnmowers

    Get ready for spring with these high-performing lawnmowers. They will make cutting the grass a breeze and keep your garden looking its best throughout the year.

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  • Issue 005
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    Issue 005


    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    Renovating homes built between the 1940s and 1960s

    Many houses of this era have retained their appearance and character – strongly influenced by state housing – but modifications are often necessary and can make a real difference to the performance of the home.

    Case Study: Up-lifting

    Instead of using dormer windows to utilise an attic cavity, this clever Clevedon renovation maximised the available space by lifting the roof and creating a second storey.

    Taking the plunge

    Kiwis love the water and more and more of us are making waves in the backyard rather than the beach. So how realistic is that dream pool? 

    Going with the flow

    Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, sliding doors provide easy access to your garden or deck while letting in vast amounts of natural light, even when closed.

    Best dressed

    Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there’s a cladding system to suit your property.

    Planted paradise

    Subtropical or minimal, cottagey or eclectic – landscaping expert Tony Murrell shares his know-how on creating the ideal garden for your requirements.

    Setting the table

    One of summer’s greatest pleasures is dining outdoors. Here is our low down on how to choose outdoor furniture that is built to last and fits the style of your garden or deck.

    Case Study: A bright outlook

    Removing internal walls and rebuilding the living area, a well thought through renovation turned a dark apartment into a light and open space that celebrates the stunning sea views.

    Eco living

    Renovating is the perfect time to look at how you can make your house warmer, drier and smarter.

    DIY Projects: Wooden toys for kids

    Building wooden toys for your little ones is made easy with our step-by-step guide – it will be just as much fun for you to build them as it will be for your kids to play with them!

    Cooking up a storm

    From portable gas fired smokers to inbuilt al fresco kitchens – the list of outdoor cooking options is as long as a hot summer’s night, and choosing a cooker is about as subjective as picking art.

    Our favourite bowls

    Beautifully designed and crafted bowls add a bit of glamour to your kitchen or dining area, and will hold all of your fruit and veggies this summer. Here is our selection of the shapeliest pieces.

    Our favourite stools

    Whether you’re looking for a simple and practical bar stool or a trendy art object that can double as a stool when needed – we’ve compiled our pick of the most comfortable pieces for your occasional seating.

    Watering systems

    Keep your garden looking its best this summer with these cool watering systems. Your plants and trees will thank you for it.

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  • Issue 006
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    Issue 006


    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    From the roof top

    When it comes to adding the crowning glory to your new house or replacing a tired cap on your treasured home, there are some critical roofing decisions to be made that include performance and cost.

    Case study: Space, lots of space

    An extreme makeover turns a cramped and impractical country house into a spacious home for a family of six. It’s a Kiwi lifestyle dream come true.

    Planning your renovation

    Are you looking to buy a do-upper to transform into your dream home? Or have you been living in your house for a while and are ready to make some alterations? Here are the key steps that will help you plan your renovation and create the home you want.

    Adding value to your home

    Whether you plan on living in your home for years to come or are working on a doer-upper to sell on soon – here are the key renovations that can increase the value of your house, along with approximate costs.*

    Fabulous floors

    A fabulous floor can add style and value to your home. Here’s our guide to making your floor a feature to be proud of.

    Case study: Growth spurt

    A head to toe makeover – along with a clever extension – transforms a tired, but cherished house into a modern home that meets the needs of its growing family.

    Winter warm up

    Keeping your home healthy and warm during the colder months requires careful preparation. Put insulation and heating in place well ahead of time to ensure your home is nice and snug.

    Case study: Easy living

    A refurbishment of a tired Greenlane townhouse creates the perfect easy care
    home for a busy urban family.

    Light it up

    Turn your outdoor area into a safe and welcoming night-time wonderland with carefully chosen lighting.

    Dedicated to entertainment

    Advances in technology and lower costs mean an environment dedicated to enjoying in-home entertainment is no longer something you only see in the movies. If the space is there, all that’s required is careful planning, professional advice and a little imagination.

    Our favourite teapots

    It’s teatime! Whether you prefer your ritual cup of tea for breakfast, high tea or later in the day – spice up your brew with one of these colourful teapots.

    Our favourite armchairs

    Sit back and relax in one of our favourite armchairs. From ultra modern through to classic, we’ve compiled a selection of the most comfy and cosy pieces.

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  • Issue 007
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    Issue 007



    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    Lay it down

    Tiles are a highly durable and attractive flooring option for New Zealand homes. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular materials on the market.

    Case study: A stately affair

    When it came to reviving an aging bungalow, its owners wanted to remain architecturally faithful to a bygone era while also incorporating the modern clean lines and ambience of a luxury resort.

    It’s all about the view

    Featuring on the upcoming TV renovation show  ‘The Kiwi Dream’, a cliff top home with stunning views is being transformed from a classic 1950s house into a modern family haven.

    From design to build

    Using a specialist design and build firm takes the hassle and the risk out of your home renovation. Patricia Moore reports on selecting the right company for your project.

    Makeover your place with paint

    A new coat of paint can be an instant fix. It’s cost-effective and easy to apply, and with a little planning and the right equipment you can completely change the look of a room in a couple of days.

    In character

    Following a roof extension that created much needed additional living space, this 1930s home was lovingly restored in the charming style of its era.

    Kitchen confidential

    Three of Australia’s leading chefs talk to Persephone Nicholas and reveal their recipes for a kitchen that cooks as good as it looks.

    Case study: Modern makeover

    Following the planning and designing stages, this building project will see a classic brick and weatherboard house enlarged and turned into a modern
    home for a family of five.

    DIY Project: How to build a storage cube

    Making your own storage cube is made easy with our step-by-step guide. All it takes is a little bit of planning and the right tools.

    Keeping it cosy

    Atmosphere or functionality – or a combination of both? With the huge range of fireplaces available today, the choice is yours.

    Safe and sound

    Putting effective home security in place is easier and more affordable than ever – from fitting deadlocks through to installing fully automated systems.

    Our favourite candleholders

    Snuggle up by the glow of a candle this winter.  The season’s hottest candleholders will turn up the cosiness factor – and of course they also look great without a flickering flame.

    Our favourite coffee tables

    Whether you’re after a plain and practical piece or something fresh and fancy, one of these coffee tables is sure to become the centre piece of your living room.

    Must have gardening tools

    Build up your gardening tool kit so you can get your garden shipshape and ready for spring.

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  • Issue 008
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    Issue 008

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    Issue 008


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    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    Behind the fence

    Whether they’re used to create a sense of security, block out the view of the neighbours, or to keep the kids (or pets) safe from harm, fences serve a myriad of practical purposes. But while their function is primarily utilitarian, there’s no need for them to be ugly, frumpy or unimaginative.

    My Space

    Milly Nolan is the director of Mildred&Co, a lovingly curated online wedding registry and gift store. She has recently renovated her office and showroom space just off Auckland’s Ponsonby Road.

    Case study: At the Bay

    A stunning renovation of a double story 1950s home has taken full advantage of its prime position opposite Dunedin’s St Clair beach.

    Case study: Small but Perfectly Formed

    In a clever loft renovation on Auckland’s North Shore, the small roof space above a double garage has been transformed into very liveable guest quarters.

    Case study: Worth the Wait

    An ambitious renovation in Auckland’s Mt Albert has seen a tiny bungalow turned into a statement-making family home, complete with a stunning custom-made staircase and a welcoming light-filled atrium.

    Case study: Work From Home

    Whether you plan to build an empire from it or just use it to pay the bills, a home office is always a well-used space. We provide some practical advice and inspiration for creating one that’s both functional and good-looking.

    The Great Outdoors

    There’s something deeply satisfying about cooking outside. The smell and sound of sizzling food seems to tap into our primal instinct for warmth and nourishment; and flame-grilled food tastes all the better when cooked and served in the fresh air.

    In with the old

    Using recycled materials and consciously reducing waste when you renovate is a great way to protect the environment and make your money go the extra mile. We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you keep your construction waste in check and get the most out of your existing resources.

    Work from home

    Whether it’s for work, study or simply dealing with everyday admin, we all need a space where we can work at home.

    Our favourite planters

    Bring the outdoors in this spring with our handpicked selection of planters.

    Our favourite frames

    As this quirky selection of our favourite picture frames shows, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts.

    Clever Kitchen Helpers

    These helpful little gadgets will make light work of some of your most common kitchen tasks.

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  • Issue 009
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    Issue 009


    In this issue of Renovate magazine, you will read about:

    • My space

    • David Trubridge's workspace facilitates the production of his creation and highly skilled team.

    • Read More>>
    • Opening up

    • A solid but awkwardly designed house becomes a spacious home with indoor-outdoor flow.

    • Read More>>
    • Outdoor seats

    • Go for a bold look or select an impeccable contemporary style that will blend with your outdoors.

    • Read More>>
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